Every submission must be submitted in one prize track. Although projects can qualify for multiple, choose one. If you want help deciding which track to submit to, message an organizer at HooHacks and we can let you know.

You may submit to as many sponsor prizes as your project fits under, but you should submit to a sponsor prize only if you qualify for that sponsor prize.

You may have a team of as many as 4 people, but no more.

You may not submit to other hackathons with the project you built at HooHacks and vice versa.

You may not edit your code before hacking starts (12 PM EST March 25th) and you may not edit your code after hacking ends (12PM EST March 26th).

You may not submit a project without your teammates' permission.

If you take significant code from a non-HooHacks source (i.e. not from a workshop or mentor), note down the link for that code and include it in an .txt file labeled "sources" in your code submission. "Significant" is purposefully vague, but pretty self explanatory. If you are unsure whether or not something is significant, put it down anyways.

You must publish your code via GitHub. If you REALLY do not want your code to be available publicly, contact an organizer at the hackathon and we can assist you. To learn more about how to use GitHub, watch our How To Submit video playlist or our Git workshop, detailed here.

Not an enforced rule but rule of thumb for the rest of your life: do not put your API keys in your Github repo!

Remember: Being at HooHacks is a privilege. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We can and will remove you if you are making the experience a negative one for any participating people and will take further action if necessary.